"Tom's training program has helped me get my fitness goals back on track and accomplish more than I have in years. His knowledge about strength training, fitness and diet has helped me understand my habits and how to change them. He’s always willing to adapt training programs to best suit your goals and injuries which is much appreciated. Thanks Tom!”

Lucy Mcquaid
Business Woman

Tom’s sessions are the best! You get a full body work out with lots of laughs in just 30 minutes and the classes are nice and small, so it’s like have your own personal trainer. Perfect if you have a busy work schedule like me. Not only have I learnt how to do handstands from scratch, I’m so much stronger and he’s always on hand to help with my technique and diet plan. His classes are quite addictive because you get better and better each week with such close guidance, so it’s really motivating for me to see my progress, which wouldn’t happen if I went to gym or a random class full of 25 people. For the first time in my life, exercising 4-5 times a week is actually achievable and enjoyable! Never thought I’d say that! Thank you Tom!!!!

Tiggy Quirinini
The Company Name Here

Session was great, Tom adapted the exercises for me and made sure I kept good form. He was super nice and encouraging and paid attention to everyone in the class (there was only two of us!!) I will definitely come back!

Official ClassPass Review

Amazing class I was sore for 5 days! Tom is a great instructor and is equal parts motivating and funny. He really takes the time to remember your name and understand your concerns and work with you during the session. Will definitely be back.

Offcial ClassPass Review

Great as always. Sweat as much in 30mins with Tom and ache the day after as much as a 60min HIIT class. Good for growing strength and stamina.

Official ClassPass Review

Brilliant class. Tom made the class really personalised so that everyone was challenged no matter their experience level.

Official ClassPass Review

Top trainer and a top class. Challenging full body strength and conditioning, really personalised by Tom to meet everyones needs. Definitely knows his stuff. As a personal trainer myself I can be a bit skeptical about classes but happy to say I will be going back again to this one!

Official ClassPass Review

Really tough! Very different to any other workout. Nice and intimate so plenty of room for the instructor to focus on you and correct you.

Official ClassPass Review

Absolutely LOVED this class! Was a bit nervous, as i haven't done a handstand for about 20 years but managed it! Loved the strength workout too. A sweaty 30 mins!

Official ClassPass Review

What a great class! Everybody is made to feel welcome and has all the moves tailored to suit them. The instructor really cares about helping everyone get the most out of the session. Do it two or three times per week you're sure to get profound results...

Tom Whelan
(The More-Athletic Body Coach!)

With such small classes it really feels like having a personal trainer and a few others to motivate you along. The class is only 30 minutes and kicks my ass twice as hard as any other class, plus Tom is super attentive and will always make sure I get the most out of the workout...

Elmira Ebrahimi
Interior Designer

This kills me to admit but…Tom is the best trainer I’ve had. He really knows how the body works and is great at modifying exercises to make them more/less challenging if you struggle with a particular area (or if you are looking a little too comfortable).

Because he only teaches a few people at a time, he really pays attention to form and suggests small adjustments so that you do the exercises correctly and get the most out of the session

Jenny Coope

I'm a master at slipping out the proverbial side door. But with Tom, I've met my match. He has an annoyingly astute ability to know exactly how hard to make it, to keep you working hard, but without losing form.

Previously, I'd use an exercise that was too hard, as a perfectly reasonable excuse to lie on the floor and take a well deserved break from the gym class. Except, Tom seems to go out of his way to adjust the exercise for me, so that it’s more achievable.

"No, no, I'm fine napping on the floor", I'd plead.

"Do this instead", he instructs.

With a disgruntled, screwed up face, I seemingly rise from the floor and continue with the exercise, wondering to myself how it is that I've forgone my free-pass rest and am now exercising again.

On the (rare) occasion that I find the exercise easy, I do my best to pull a facial expression that looks as though I’m finding it difficult, so as to enjoy a few moments of relative ease. But oh no, Tom's there again, adjusting the exercise just enough to make it hard again.

"Urgh, now it's hard", I'd fake cry.

"I know, it's supposed to be", he'd respond flatly.

I roll my eyes, as the sweat begins to bead again on my forehead, and I puff out a few more reps.

Somehow, between my woeful pleas for an easy life (gym class), I appear to have become addicted to Tom’s method of working hard in a gym session, his playful sarcasm, and his inability to count to ten in any sort of reasonable length of time. I trust that he’ll pitch it just right, to keep me working hard, but without it being impossible.

His method appears to work. One day, seemingly out of nowhere (after oh-so-many sessions), I’d somehow managed to get strong enough for this to happen (er, see pic):

...It was a miracle. I instantly realized that Tom does in fact possess magical powers. I've offered to give him all my money, in return for him bestowing on me more physical strength and party tricks. He says I have to keep coming and working hard. Pfft.

Amy Merrick