All you need to know

before your first go...












Thanks for booking in to see us @ More-Athletic Body...don't forget to actually show up now!

We're based in Le Meridien Piccadilly (erm, see above).

  1. Find it
  2. Romp in the main entrance like you own the place
  3. Take the stairs on the right and follow the signs down to the health club
  4. Tell the reception staff you're here to see Tom, they will arm you with towels and tell you where to go
  5. Get your gym pants on, and get pumped up ready for action
  6. Come and find me and my mats

I am looking forward to meeting you, to putting you into strange positions and to making you do things you don't necessarily want to do.

It's going to be a splendid time.

Here's a bit of a primer before your first class, but fear not, I know I'm boring and you only need to read it if you want to, I'm gonna tell you some stuff...

--> like our ethos
--> and where you can find the programme online
--> that you can take two classes back-to-back if you fancy it
--> which class is which
--> and of course, I'm going to tell you all about our 28-Day Fat Loss Challenge












Come for a good time -- of course, I take my exercise and programme planning far too seriously, but, I'm mainly here for a good time. So should you be.

There's nothing to fear here -- how bad could half an hour possibly be?!

We normally train on the fancy mats -- (pictured below) unless there's a bloody tourist in the way.











Train in socks or barefoot -- it works better on our mats and you'll be stronger on our one-legged squats. Or just train in trainers if you want to. It's no big deal.

Any issues or questions, email or TEXT Tom (please) -- 07792959096

The programme is online -- so you can preview your class, see why on earth I made you do the stuff I made you do, or -- more importantly -- so you can follow along and practice the stuff we do between classes. You can see them here.

You can use this programme to get the body you want -- I welcome loads of folks for a one-off session, but, I also have loads of regulars who use my classes frequently and the online programme to develop a tailored plan. If you enjoy your classes, ask me how you can train more effectively for your body goals.

When we finish -- I might ask you to make a swift exit as these classes run back-to-back so I can offer as many slots possible... it's a quiet personal training space so I just have to be careful not to over-crowd. I've been running the classes for three years though and it works well. I usually work you so hard you can't wait to get out! If the gym is quiet you're welcome to hang around and stretch for a few more minutes after the class.

Stuff that's included -- Towels. Shower gel. Water. Lockers. We got all that stuff.

Stuff that ain't -- unfortunately, we can't offer you use of the gym (except for when you're in the class of course, otherwise it would be really silly), nor can you use the pool or steam room (sorry). It's a bit of a fancy hotel and I bring far too many people in.

You'll be with me, Tom -- the gym reception staff will show you where to find us, but here's a picture so you know who you're looking for...











More-Athletic's on the map!













Most take one class -- that's our original concept and main thing.

But some like to take two back-to-back -- and with devastating wit and charm like i have, who can blame them? Plus people like to drop in and train from all over London, so it's nice for them to be able to stay and play for a bit longer.

Obviously, it's more expensive -- either in pounds or in ClassPass tokens, but we have a lot of folk who like the option, and this way, hopefully I can keep it as affordable as possible but cater for all.

It's totally up to you -- If you were to ask me, I'd suggest short sessions frequently. But if you struggle with the frequently bit, and you're used to doing a fair bit of training, or you just fancy it, then I'd go crazy and book two back-to-back.












If you want to. I 'd like that.

If you're a ClassPasser, that's great. I believe you can come as often as you want these days, it just varies the amount of credits it costs you.

But of course, if you want real results, rather than just dabbling, you'll need to come a little more often. I ask everyone to try and come two or three times per week (or do my online programme at home between).

I have two intro deals I recommend you take if you want to become a real client after finding your first session bearable:

1) 3 FOR 1 INTRO SPECIAL -- liked your first session? Want to do a few more quickly to take yourself to the next level? Great: buy a single session here and I'll give you two extra sessions free... just as a one-time intro deal to help you make a flying start..

2) HALF-PRICE FIRST MONTH WHEN YOU BECOME A MEMBER: I have 3 membership levels to suit different training frequencies, and as long as you sign up for at least 2 months, you can get your first month half-price!

MEMBER 45 -- £45 PER MONTH for 3 sessions per month. Discounted top-ups available at £15 per session. Sessions have a 12 month expiry date, just in case you (inexplicably!) don't use them. Here's a link to purchase.

MEMBER 90 -- £90 PER MONTH for 7 sessions per month. Discounted top-ups available at £14 per session. Sessions have a 12 month expiry date, just in case you (inexplicably!) don't use them. Here's a link to purchase.

MEMBER 100 -- For the high frequency client motivated by loss aversion:£100 per month for up to 10 sessions per month. Sessions will expire if you don't use them in the month, no matter what! Top-Ups available at £10 per session. Here's a link to purchase.


You see, in our classes, everything we do do is about getting you abs. Getting you so lean and toned that your abs become toned and sculpted.

Traditionally, I've always done a poor job of hammering this fact home. I've set out to change this by reminding people over and over again that fat loss is about food and resistance training.

The over use of 'cardio' is on the wane, yet too often it's still the irrational choice of many, or we still pander with 'HiiT' classes.

But for the most part: Fat loss is about food. Exercise is something else.

So let's make it clear, if you want a great body, it's about food and resistance training.

That's what we do:

Short, sharp, resistance training sessions designed to be done multiple times per week.

That's how you get a great body, and I've set out to prove it over and over again with this challenge.

If you want a slim, sexy, sculpted body and don't have hours and hours to train each week, you need to delegate all of your fat loss to your nutrition.

Then, when you train, you train for strength, performance, health and fun.

If you're busy, if you're stressed, then it's all the more important.

The nutrition will take care of your fat loss (hard truths and all).

The frequent short, sharp bouts of resistance training ensures that most of the weight you lose is from fat, not muscle...thus you get a great shape.

That's how you get an amazing slim body.

Hours and hours of cardio: Poor choice. Weak weapon. Hard to maintain. Ineffective unless you're very fit AND lucky.

Fat loss: food.

Looking good: resistance work.



My goal with this challenge is to find suitably motivated folks who want to get:

--> More toned, firmer, leaner, better shaped legs.

--> Flatter, sculpted, visible Abdominals and Obliques

--> Shaped, curved backsides

--> Better, more defined arms

...all in the most efficient way possible: with food and resistance training.

So if you have a wedding, a holiday, (or maybe a summer) coming up...maybe you should take the challenge?

Snap up on of our intro deals, read The Success Guide and get in touch with me to set it up!


OK, the more savvy of you may have noticed that we have a few different classes on our timetable. Here's what's what.


it all started with The Strength Sessions, our original and highly-rated class.

This is a very carefully thought-out, tried-and-tested, four-month programme. It's centred on 4-5 bodyweight strength drills per month.

You'll find it very intense, very technique focused, very gymnastic inspired and taught with Yoga-like attention to detail -- this, I believe is the most effective way to train to shape your body.

But in a new and experimental times, I've actually got a few more classes on the timetable, just to keep life exciting:


This is our higher-paced class: We take 2 or 3 moves from The Strength Sessions, tweak them to suit the faster style of class, pair them with an anaerobic-blast exercise that suits your body and fitness…and then we HiiT you with it. Your heart rate will be elevated throughout and you’ll receive a powerful whole-body toning and shaping stimulus ideal to get you a leaner, sexier, rock-hard body fast. This class is ideal for anyone who wants to work a little more on their fitness while still striving to master The Strenth Sessions Programme.


In this class we take our tried and tested whole-body sculpting programme, but remove most of the upper body and wrist-stressing moves from main programme and replace them with extra moves specifically designed to slim and shape your bum, your thighs and of course to support your unrelenting mission to shape a sexy, lean, sculpted core bit. In practice the class will be an intense combination of squats, glute-specific drills, and the best-of-the-best core-sculpters. We take a couple of moves from our main Strength Sessions programme, pair them with glute and core specific drills and drill you with them for 30 minutes straight.

In no time at all you'll be out the door, muscles stimulated, abs reeling, bum on fire (in a good way) and ready to get back to your day. Hit it regualrly, combine it with proper nutrition and you'll be on track for that Victoria's Secret Model look at record pace.


This class is unlike all our others.

In most of our classes, all participants do the same thing at the same time. This class is much more about picking your individual quirks and doing what needs to be done. Ideal for taking two classes back-to-back, or ideal for getting some quality hand-balancing, stretching and posture correction work done.

I'll have a lose plan, but the more I get to know you, the more specific your instructions will be.

I don't exactly recoomend it as your first class @ More-Athletic Body, but you're more than welcome to come along. Just don't expect it to be like our normal classes.

I designed it mainly for my many regulars who take The Strength Sessions multiple times per week, but need time to work on specific issues like stretching, mobility, re-hab, or on specific skills like their handstands, or who need to work on extra moves we haven't had time for in the class.

Each class will be a little different depending on who shows up. Sometimes with just some new fun stuff to learn as a group, sometimes pure handbalancing practise, sometimes a catch up on straight-up strength work that just needs to get done or sometimes a chance to work on your Kettlebell Swing technique without the time-pressure of the proper class, or maybe a chance to film a record attempt on any of The 'Master The Strength Sessions' Progression Ladders.

If I was your personal trainer, this is the stuff I'd make you do alongside The Strength Sessions Programme. This is the class to come to if you want that.











I'm one well researched and opinionated fellow. Here's some principles that are at the heart of what we do @ More-Athletic Body. These are abbreviated, you can read more here if you've nothing better to do.

Fatigue is NOT the goal -- getting a better looking body is. Fatigue is a side-effect. Sometimes necessary, sometimes not.

Fat loss is about food and resistance training -- NOT cardio and not seeing how many HiiT classes you can do.

Always train with the Gymnastic Mindset -- because quality matters and reps mean nothing without taking the exact quality and technique into consideration.

See training as a practise -- not a slog

Strive to be a consistent minimalist -- if you have the body you want, you should first become an effective, consistent minimalist, then (and only then), consider longer workouts.

The danger of 30-minute sessions -- if you expect to be completely blasted or if you place too much emphasis on what happens in any one session, thirty-minute classes may not be for you. It's about how much better you can get over many workouts, not what happens in any one session that matters. Making you work harder is EASY, but not the absolute goal on your first visit. (You'll probably be knackered anyway to be honest).












Wow, thanks for reading all that. You must be very bored by now.

Any questions before or after your class, shoot me a text on 07792959096.

Enjoy your class and thanks again for trying it out.

Tom Whelan
Director of Unnecessarily Lengthy Intro Pages
More-Athletic Body.

PS >>>WE ALSO SELL T-SHIRTS LOOK<<< -- Now proudly with over 22 sold worldwide!